Sunday, 17 February 2008

DS111: Heroes

I re-recorded this weeks set because I accidentally deleted the original recording while trying to fix it afterwards.... One of Traktor's most annoying and persistent bugs cropped up at right at the start of the live show, which is with the key lock. Sometimes, it turns itself off even though on the interface it still shows as being 'on'. Not good but something I can help the development team fix I hope. I am pleased with the re-recording anyway and hope you enjoy listening. It is the same playlist that was broadcast with a few tasty extras towards the end. Re-recorded straight after the show on Sunday 17 Feb 2008. >>> The Streets - Weak Become Heroes - 679 Redeyes, Youthman - Girlfriend - >>> Cyantific - Cover Story feat. Matrix - Hospital Young Ax - Let's Go - Santorin Lomax, Eveson - Under The Bridge - Phunkfiction SpectraSoul - Adoration - Nu Directions Visionary - Soundboy Burial (Benny Page remix) - Digital Soundboy Contour - Desire - Primetime Jacky Murda, Jason Sweetness - Ganja Fi Legal feat. Ward 21 (Murderbot Remix) - Dead Homies Kjell - Outclassed - Trackdonalds Lenzman - Caught Up - Spearhead >>> K-Tee - Hypnotize Me - Shogun Audio Atlantic Connection ft. Tali - So Me - Westbay Mutt - Trying Measures - Fokuz >>> Chino - Insatiable - New Identity Redeyes - 90 (Got Over Love) - Random Movement - She Don't Get It - Nu Directions >>> Kjell - Love Is Everywhere - Trackdonalds


  1. its not working on my system...why
    even i dont know what i tell about problem..can you explain me little more...please

  2. Hi - just right click on the title of the post and 'save as' to your hard disk. Thanks for listening :)