Wednesday, 31 December 2008

New mix host found

Last night I setup a proper commercial hosting account for the mix downloads in this feed. Reluctantly I have to pay for this on a monthly basis but it should mean a very low % downtime and does offer some nice ASP.NET hosting features which I may make use of soon. Please let me know if you have problems with any of the downloads.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

More host problems, trying SoundCloud

It looks like the Bassdrive archives where I usually host these mixes is down again until further notice. I have no complaints though, the service when available is blindingly fast and of course I don't have to pay anything for it! (thanks Brad) So, while Bassdrive explores some alternative solutions (like torrents I'm told) I'm also trying out a back-up service for hosting called SoundCloud. I have updated the last three mixes on this feed with the new hosting URL but it seems iTunes does not pick them up as valid media links...if anyone has any other recommendations for a good iTunes compatible host please let me know!

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Mix DS138: Synesthesia

Q-Project - Peace Of Mind - Hospital
Lomax - Come And See - Critical
Commix - Satellite song - Metalheadz
Nu:Tone - Is It Alive - Hospital
Break, Kyo - In My Mind - Symmetry
L.A.O.S. - Star Soul - Have A Break
Break - Jungle Step - Symmetry
Lynx - Whistlestop - Brand Nu
Zyon Base - Simple Man - SGN:LTD
Inside Info - Sound Was Golden - Critical
Atlantic Connection feat. Minds One - Tomorrows Not Enough - Westbay
Makoto - Waiting - Good Looking
The BPA - Seattle feat. Emmy The Great (Brookes Brothers Remix) - Southern Fried
Random Movement - Scarlet Trouble - Bingo
Q-Project - Everything changes but me - CIA
Metrik - Technicolor - Viper
Data - Hydrogen - Critical
SpectraSoul - Down Town Chicago - Deep Soul Music
Shinichi Osawa - Star Guitar (Brookes Brothers Remix) - Breakbeat Kaos
Icicle - Infectious Funk - Shogun Audio

Sunday, 9 November 2008

DS137: Peng

Thanks for your patience folks...hope you enjoy the mix.

Lynx - Heat Haze - Deep Soul Music 
dRamatic - Expanding - Unreleased
Contour - Moving Higher (Basic Operations Remix) - Cymbalism
Shinichi Osawa - Star Guitar (Brookes Brothers Remix) - Data
Split Second - Feel You - Liq-Weed Ganja
Advisory, Scenic - Sweet Dreams - Binary Soul
Michael Jackson - Human Nature (Redeyes bootleg Remix) - Bootleg
Brookes Brothers - Tear You Down - Breakbeat Kaos
Suv, Kubiks - Breakaway (feat. Hannah Collins) - Rubik
Bachelors of Science - Hold On (feat Redeyes) - Horizons
Mutated Forms, MC Tali - Blue Magic feat. MC Tali (DJ SS Remix) - New Identity
Nu:Tone - Troopers - Hospital
Sub Focus - Join The Dots - RAM
Saburuko - Avec Moi - Integral
Bachelors Of Science - Strings Track (Apex Remix) - Horizons
Advisory, Scenic - Tranquility - Binary Soul
SpectraSoul - Peninsula - Shogun Audio
D Kay, Lee - December - Metalheadz

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Chemical Records launch harmonic info

Good to finally see online stores keying the tracks for us! I hadn't seen this until today on any other online dnb outlet. Fly over to and check it out. It's only the vinyl and CD at the moment but downloads are on the way very soon. Hopefully the other shops will follow suit! Big up Chemical Records for taking the lead! Have you seen this service on any other site? Please let me know if so.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Bassdrive show schedule change

Ez readers n listeners! I have agreed with Bassdrive management a new monthly show schedule in order to free up some of my own time at the weekends. Doing a weekly show for the last 3 years has been an excellent experience for me and I have loved mostly every second of it. However, it did have some downsides for my social calendar - not just the fact that it was every Sunday but also the time that I put in each week preparing for the live show. It has been and will remain a labour of love for me, just now on a less frequent basis. It makes me sad to yield the weekly slot as I have built up quite a solid listener base on Sundays that was simply not there before - it was considered a graveyard period of the weekend and initially to act as a grounding bed for me and my new style of dj'ing live with software. So, thank you all that do make the effort to tune in on Sundays for the live mix - after all that is what my show is really trying to do - show how software can be used to harmonically mix live - YOU have proved it works for the listener by simply tuning in. I think it offers something the other more traditional mix shows don't. The new schedule will allow me to make even more careful tune selections and prepare even more thoroughly. Anyway, I'm looking forward to it and as ever will keep you posted on here with the details we finally agree about the new time slot. P.S I may upload last Sunday's show but it was cut short at 40 minutes due to skipping so the recording ain't that great.

Monday, 15 September 2008

DS136: Lydian

As most of you know, I love a good harmonic mix and I reckon this week delivers again. Some transitions are more harmonically compatible than others but all keys used are related in some way through my use of time stretching to manipulate pitch separately to tempo in real time. Slightly less harmonic transitions are acceptable and indeed desirable, contributing to tension if used in the right places and sparingly. To relate and mix tracks tracks live using software it is really useful to have confidence in the key of each of your tracks prior to mixing with them. To help get this confidence, you can play along with the melody on a software MIDI keyboard mimicking it. Tracks that I have taken the time to do this in or that I have tried and tested in the mix frequently get an * in their comments tag. If I see one of those I get a boost and know exactly how it will sound in the mix, saving audition time during the live show. Some really good software to get you started keying your tunes is Rapid Evolution 2 by Qualia. It's a really nice java implementation and is being constantly improved.

XRS - Teleporter - Inside
Contour - If All You Need Is Time - Sole Digital
Amaning - The Limit - Sole
Donnie Dubson - Everywhere - Have A Break
Blake Reary - Nowhere Near (Advisory Remix) - Binary Soul
Damien Marley - Road 2 Zion (Atlantic Connection Bootleg) - DOA freebie
Icicle - Hang On - Shogun Audio
DJ Marky, Makoto - Impulse - Innerground
Blame - Guardian Angel - 720 Degrees Music
Sabaruko - Love Sensation - Sonorous
Brother - Do The Right Thing - Fokuz
Kubiks, Lomax - Despite Everything - Deepkut
Survival - Portal - Critical
Submorphics - What She Wants - Santorin 2000
Paul SG - Turbulences - Influenza Media freebie
Redeyes - Poetry In Motion feat. Sweed - Spearhead

Sunday, 7 September 2008

DS135: Corkscrew

Mijatoho - Jaz Gal - Jerona
Simon V, Telmo A - The Rhythm Track - Santorin
J. Majik, Wickaman - Crazy World (Brookes Brothers Remix) - Breakbeat Kaos
Danny Byrd - Gold Rush feat. Brookers Brothers - Hospital
Blame, The Pedge - Avalon - Hospital
K-Tee - Hypnotize Me - Shogun Audio
Big Bud - Children Of Jah (DJ Motive Remix) - Soundtrax
Benjie, Direct Feed - Komm (Gregor Tresher Remix) - Relentless Audio
Kali - Tokyo (BCee, Lomax Remix) - Outta London
Sonic - Dreamscape - Bingo Beats
Total Science - Badger Eyes - Hospital
Spy, Mosus - Mercury Tears - Product
Syncopix vs. M.Sauer - X-Cellence - Spearhead
Nu:Tone - Heaven Sent (Alternative mix) - Hospital
Sol.ID, Cybass - Soul Reaction - Unsigned
Saburuko - Brooklyn Summer (Morphy Remix) - Horizons
Blake Reary - Nowhere Near (Advisory Remix) - Binary Soul

Monday, 1 September 2008

DS134: Rigmorale

I am a bit busy today but will update this post with a playlist as soon as I get time in the week so make sure you check back. In the meantime, enjoy the mixing and please feel free to post me up some questions or comments (if you have any!) Playlist update:

Random Movement - Lesson & Aftermath - Deepkut
Zero T - Threads feat. Alix Perez - CIA
Autumn - Cut Away - Celsius
Donnie Dubson - Static Energy - Have A Break
Brother - Little Child - Sonorous
Bachelors Of Science - Strings Track (Apex Remix) - Horizons
Electrosoul System - No One Knows - Subtitles
Logistics - Waiting Line - Hospital
Redeyes - Turn Around - Deepkut
dRamatic - A Long Way - Unsigned
Kubatko, Lex Da Hexa, Twintone - Instead Of Me - Beyond Belief
Big Bud - White Widow - Soundtrax
Marky, Bungle - Back To The Vibe - CIA
J. Majik, Wickaman - Crazy World (Brookes Brothers Remix) - Breakbeat Kaos

Monday, 18 August 2008

DS132: Fanny Master

Harmonic pure Traktor drum and bass mix. Recorded and broadcast live on Bassdrive Internet radio 6pm GMT 18th August 2008. It was good to be back live on the air today. I finally solved the issue with my live ogg streaming from Traktor and everything seemed to go smoothly. Anyway, hope you agree and enjoy! EDIT: Playlist order corrected - sorry about the mic phasing - fixed for next time!

LTJ Bukem - Horizons - Good Looking
Seba, Krazy - Nebula - Bassbin
High Contrast - Yesterday's Colours - Hospital
Zyon Base - Simple Man - SGN:LTD
Naibu - Dive - Basswerk
Random Movement - Methods of Thought feat. Basic Ops - Bingo Beats
Kali - Tokyo (BCee, Lomax Remix) - Outta London
Anakin - Sky Purple, Yellow and Red - Basswerk
Ikon - China Crash - Renegade
Artificial Intelligence - Desperado - V
Georgie - Itsatoon (Kubatko Remix) - Beyond Belief
DJ Fresh - Submarines (Domestic Cold War Edit) - Breakbeat Kaos
Big Bud - White Widow - Soundtrax
Cativo - 5 Sirens - Assimilate
Subwave - Think - Shogun Audio

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

DS131: LBT

Big Bud - White Widow - Soundtrax Prisoners Of Technology - Horizon (Original Sun Rise Mix) - Battlemaster Zero Tolerance - Goes Around - Shogun Audio ...tba

Friday, 25 July 2008

DS130: Sneak

Apologies for the lack of episodes recently, I have been having problems with my live streaming output. Despite my best efforts to solve, it's looking increasingly like I am going to have to reformat my pc and start from scratch! :(

In the meantime and in some way to make up for your loyal subscription, I have pre-recorded a mix for broadcast on Sunday which I am giving you exclusive preview access to. I hope you enjoy listening. Recorded live on Thursday 24 July 2008 10.30pm - 60 minutes @ 192kbps

>>> Despite Everything - Kubiks, Lomax - Deepkut
>>> Mr. Me Too (Atlantic Connection Bootleg)
Clipse - Unreleased
Right On - Calibre - Signature
Dreamscape - Sonic - Bingo Beats
Strings Track (Apex Remix) - Bachelors Of Science - Horizons
>>> Synapse (Bungle Remix) - Contour - Blu Saphir
Keep The Sunshine feat. Diane Charlemagne - Blame - 720 Degrees
Healing Process - Kjell - Santorin
2000 Soul Flower - Nu:Tone - Hospital
Only You - Akira - Spearhead
Feet Won't Touch The Ground - Danny Byrd - Hospital
Soul Hold - Basic Operations - Nu Directions
>>> American Beauty - Futurebound, Matrix - Viper
>>> Dawn Treader - Futurebound, Brookes Brothers - Breakbeat Kaos
Harmony - L.A.O.S - Future Retro
>>> The Question - D-Bridge - Exit
Dream Come True - SKC - Commercial Suicide
Still U - Icicle - Celcius
Healing - Will Miles - Deep Soul Music
Let It Go - Dh - Tipping Point
Don't Boast - Beatkonexion - Trackdonalds

Monday, 30 June 2008

DS129: Olé!

Calibre - Mind Print - Signature
Alix Perez - Stray - Shogun Audio
Unknown Error - Alone - Horizons
Concord Dawn - Man For All Seasons (Feat. Paul McLaney) - Uprising
Danny Byrd - Gold Rush feat. Brookers Brothers - Hospital
Kabuki ft. Jenna G - Rock This Style - Creative Source
Ben Sage - All About You (VIP Mix) - Gain
Makoto - Waiting - Good Looking
Utah Jazz - Split Level - Spearhead
Dagga - Cold Hearted - BS1
The Cambridge Four - When Pilots Eject - Hospital
Survival - Silencer - Horizons
>>> Pierre's Pfantasy Club - Fantasy Girl (Club Mix) - Simply Vinyl
Subsenix - Fiendin (feat. Savvy) -
Ben Sage Lynx featuring Kemo - Global Enemies - Soul:r
Peyo, Cloud Nine - That's What You Do To Me (Random Movement Remix) - Blu Saphir

Sunday, 22 June 2008

DS128: Digital pools

D-Bridge kicks off this week with a detuned bassline that brings quite a melancholic flavour to what sounds like the normally cheery key of C major. Make sure you check out his full new album release on
>>> D-BridgeThe QuestionExit
>>> @tmospherixzMagnifiqueUnsigned
Kubiks, LomaxVegas RemixPhunkfiction
Donnie DubsonSummer CamePhunkfiction
Will MilesEye BelieveSonorous
Peyo, Cloud NineThat's What You Do To Me (Random Movement Remix)Blu Saphir
Redeyes, PeyoDelightBingo Beats
NaibuIt Took A Long TimeCreative Source
Syncopix, MTC YawGood MorningForm
SyncopixOutside YouSyncopix
CalculonWait Up feat. Kelly DeanRubik
Nymfo, ProximaKnock Knock Frequency
>>> PariahLimboStrictly Digital
Black AkresSuch Fiction feat. Suchi Rudra Vasquez (ICR DNB Mix)Misspent Music
SpectraSoulShades Of BlueFokuz

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

DS127: 2 hour live Traktor mix

Was asked to fill in an extra hour by the station so here is the 2 hour live drum and bass mix!

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

DS126: feat. Vinyl Abort guest mix

A shorter live set this week from me due to a guest studio mix from Tim and Jim, the technical and musical force behind Ableton Live mash-up group, Vinyl [Abort]. These guys last appeared on the show about 2 years ago and really impressed, so it was a great pleasure to air their talents once again. As expected they didn't dissapoint and have clearly improved through their experience in the studio and playing out live. Mixes such as these represent what they sound like when performing at a show, using a plethora of MIDI controllers, laptops, MC's and visuals. Quite a setup but it importantly results in a unique live dynamism that really is something to behold. Promoters, do yourself a favour and book 'em before they get too expensive! There's an interesting interview from Nottingham's Left Lion on them and you can get a clean copy of their studio mix that I broadcast on Bassdrive directly from Left Lion, here. I'm still having problems with multiple enclosures on my feed so iTunes listeners can use this URL for the clean VA guest mix: My part of the show's tracklisting:- Kabuki ft. Jenna G - Rock This Style - Creative Source Donnie Dubson - Rolling Home - Have A Break Utah Jazz - Split Level - Spearhead Random Movement - The Student - Westbay Context - Sleep Paralysis - Camino Blue Implex - Kin Dza Dza - Kinematic Zero T, Icicle - Go 4 Yours feat. Steo - CIA L.A.O.S - Harmony - Future Retro Killin Time - Lifeline - ???

Monday, 2 June 2008

DS125: >>>?

Mixed, recorded and broadcast live on Bassdrive Sunday 1st June 2008 6pm GMT.
  1. Calibre - Run Around - Defunked
  2. Brother - Little Child - Sonorous
  3. Random Movement - The Student - Westbay
  4. Lenzman - The Blues - Spearhead
  5. Telmo A - U Need My Love - Have A Break
  6. Bungle feat. Marky - 13th Floor - CIA
  7. Atlantic Connection feat. Tali - So Me - Westbay
  8. Danny Byrd - Gold Rush feat. Brookers Brothers - Hospital
  9. K-Tee - Hypnotize Me - Shogun Audio
  10. Danny Byrd - Labyrinth - Hospital 
  11. Kubiks, Suv - Breakaway (Kubiks, Lomax Remix) - Rubik
  12. Brother - Grace - Sonorous
  13. Breakage - Transbohemia (Equinox Remix) - Bassbin
  14. SpectraSoul - Shades Of Blue - Fokuz
  15. Black Akres - Such Fiction feat. Suchi Rudra Vasquez (ICR dnb Mix) - Misspent Music
  16. Naibu - KTX - Fokuz 
  17. Syncopix - Fade Away (Commix Remix) - Brand Nu

Monday, 26 May 2008

DS124: Bridge tracks

I was asked to play a little longer today to cover for another DJ so the set is around 90 minutes long. I was experimenting with harmonic mixing of different sub-genres. I have always liked the somewhat disturbing contrast mixing them creates. I think one of the secrets to making it pay off is to form relationships between them by having complimentary musical keys. Linking sub-genres together using 'bridge tracks' that help to ease the pain of transition is a good idea too. There are quite a few to choose from and some DnB artists specialise in these such as Chris SU and Resound; making tunes that defy conventional categorisation and manage to combine different sub-genres seamlessly. USB - Alice (Hardcandy Mix) - Ventuno Jonny L - Come Here - Mr. L Danny Byrd - Feet Won't Touch The Ground - Hospital Donnie Dubson - Say Goodbye - Fokuz SpectraSoul - Down Town Chicago - Deep Soul Music Maztek - Music Machine - Modulate Psidream, Axiom, Optiv - Break In - DSCI4 Spirit - Scrabble VIP - Metalheadz Raiden - Helium - Offkey >>> Danny Byrd - Joy And Pain feat Redd - Hospital Technicolour - Empty - Technique Kali - Tokyo (BCee, Lomax Remix) - Outta London Saburuko - Warped - Horizons L.A.O.S. - Fascinated - Spearhead Martsman - 8 Bit Bouncer - Medschool >>> Kubiks - Blood Ties - Spearhead Lynx - Shame On You - Sonorous Lomax, Focus - 5 Weeks - Bingo Beats Logistics - 96 - Hospital SpectraSoul - Adoration - Nu Directions High Contrast - Everything's Different (Calibre remix) - Hospital Intersidereal - Disturbed Balance - Red Mist Commix - Tycoon - Metalheadz Matar - Smell Your Fear - MindSaw Noisia - Bad Dreams - Vision >>> Cylon - Destination Unknown - Shadybrain

Monday, 31 March 2008

DS117: Circadia

Hot on the heals of his elder brother Nu:Tone's LP comes Logistics with 'Reality Checkpoint' of which a couple of tracks are featured below. Definately worth checking out in a download bundle - pure quality throughout. Today's mix also features one of the 4 Hero remix winners, Dangerous D - with an intensely bouncy take on Reinforced's 'Mr Kirk' saga. Also worth looking out for is the new EP from Vital Elements 'How it all began' bringing some fresh beats to some old school samples. More to come from that one in coming weeks. Logistics - 96 - Hospital Futurebound, Brookes Brothers - Dawn Treader - Breakbeat Kaos PH - Take Me Home - Liquid Brilliants ICR - Heartbroken - Vibez Vital Elements - Dreams Become Reality - V2E Dangerous D - 4 Hero Mr Kirk (Uno Who Remix) - see Nu:Tone - Missing Link VIP - Hospital XRS - Bravin - Bulldozer Contour - Moving Higher (Basic Operations Remix) - Cymbalism Blue Sonix - Luv Me (Logistics Remix) - Spearhead >>> Kali - Tokyo (BCee, Lomax Remix) - Outta London Survival - Inside Vibes - Vibez Recordings Logistics - Dreamer Of Dreams - Hospital SpectraSoul - Tender Doubt - Celsius Mutt - Credence (Kubiks, Lomax Remix) - Intrinsic Submorphics - What She Wants - Santorin 2000 Biz Marki, Elephant Man - Let Me See You Bounce (Chris SU Dub Mix) - Pathological

Monday, 24 March 2008

DS116: Resurrection

I tried the new Traktor 3.4.030 beta this week but it had some serious issues with its claim of 'improved soundcard support' as it didn't work with my Creative X-Fi properly. This meant I had to revert back to the current release version, 3.3.060 for the show. The new sound engine changes are *intending* to help with hot-plugging MIDI controllers and audio interfaces when performing live. One of 3.4's other interesting updates though, is full Unicode support. This means one of Traktor's most useful features, the track collection database and it's metadata tagging system become even more powerful. Supporting Unicode means collection fields with data stored in non-latin languagues such as Japanese, Hebrew and Russian can all be searched and sorted upon. It also means better language support for the interface labels. I look forward to the NI team getting this update nailed, it's a big one! Mixed and recorded live on Sunday 23rd March 2008. Happy holidays and big up to all my regular listeners - this mix is dedicated to you. Aaron Simpson, Brian Abbey - Never Far from Right (Ben Sage Remix) - see iTunes >>> Contour - In Your Eyes - BIOS Utah Saints - Something Good '08 (High Contrast Remix) - Data 4 Hero - Mr Kirk (DJ Loko Remix) - see Atlantic Connection - Alliance Amen - Sonorous >>> Snaper - Etron - Exegene Commix - Tycoon - Metalheadz Phono - Timestitch - Leet Proktah - Labyrinth (Phace Remix) - Have A Break >>> Maztek - Music Machine - Modulate >>> Sunchase - We Can Pay - Fragments The Insiders - Renaissance - Nu Directions Basic Operations - Southern Lights - Renegade Nos - Daylight - Dispatch Nu:Tone - On The Corner - Hospital L-plus - Middle East Sun - Viper >>> Marky, Bungle - Back To The Vibe - CIA >>> Naibu - KTX - Fokuz

Monday, 17 March 2008

DS115: Unsung

Mixed and broadcast live 6pm Sunday March 16 2008 on Nu:Tone - Kitsch N' Sync - Hospital Futurebound, Brookes Brothers - Dawn Treader - Breakbeat Kaos L-plus - Middle East Sun - Viper Donnie Dubson - Summer Came - Phunkfiction Icicle - Lost Hours - Critical Bungle - Good Times - Liq-Weed Ganja Faalb - Atrbas (ICR Remix) - Misspent Music Breakage - Cooper - Critical Electrosoul System - Too Late - Built 2 Last Nu:Tone - The Wave - Hospital Soul Intent - Slow Jam - Blindside Mutt - Sharon's Song VIP - Intrinsic Naibu - Common Perception - Fokuz Kubatko, Lex Da Hexa, Twintone - Instead Of Me - Beyond Belief

Monday, 25 February 2008

DS112: Obdurate

I was happy this week to find two new releases in C major, which I opened with. This is quite rare as 90% of DnB I get is in a minor key. The third track, 'Distance Zero' by Lynx had to be pitched up a couple of semitones to blend in, reaching C major's relative key of A minor. I really like the feeling mixing relative keys brings to a mix. As you can probably tell, I relished performing this set. I'm really looking forward to rinsing it on my mp3 player throughout the week! Big up to all the talented producers supplying me and to all that appreciate these mixes. Mixed and performed live during the show 24 Feb 2008. Telmo A - U Need My Love - Have A Break Bachelors of science - Song For Lovers - Horizons Lynx - Distance Zero - Deep Soul Music Naibu - KTX - Fokuz Soul Intent - Space Dust - Unsigned Physics, Alix Perez - Altered Soul - Fokuz Young Ax - Play Some More - Unsigned Nos - Daylight - Dispatch Basic Operations - Sold Hold - Nu Directions Switch - Together feat. Stunna - Fokuz Atlantic Connection feat. Tali - So Me - Westbay Redeyes, Youthman - Girlfriend - Icicle, Switch - Do I Move U - Lucky Devil

Sunday, 17 February 2008

DS111: Heroes

I re-recorded this weeks set because I accidentally deleted the original recording while trying to fix it afterwards.... One of Traktor's most annoying and persistent bugs cropped up at right at the start of the live show, which is with the key lock. Sometimes, it turns itself off even though on the interface it still shows as being 'on'. Not good but something I can help the development team fix I hope. I am pleased with the re-recording anyway and hope you enjoy listening. It is the same playlist that was broadcast with a few tasty extras towards the end. Re-recorded straight after the show on Sunday 17 Feb 2008. >>> The Streets - Weak Become Heroes - 679 Redeyes, Youthman - Girlfriend - >>> Cyantific - Cover Story feat. Matrix - Hospital Young Ax - Let's Go - Santorin Lomax, Eveson - Under The Bridge - Phunkfiction SpectraSoul - Adoration - Nu Directions Visionary - Soundboy Burial (Benny Page remix) - Digital Soundboy Contour - Desire - Primetime Jacky Murda, Jason Sweetness - Ganja Fi Legal feat. Ward 21 (Murderbot Remix) - Dead Homies Kjell - Outclassed - Trackdonalds Lenzman - Caught Up - Spearhead >>> K-Tee - Hypnotize Me - Shogun Audio Atlantic Connection ft. Tali - So Me - Westbay Mutt - Trying Measures - Fokuz >>> Chino - Insatiable - New Identity Redeyes - 90 (Got Over Love) - Random Movement - She Don't Get It - Nu Directions >>> Kjell - Love Is Everywhere - Trackdonalds

Sunday, 13 January 2008

DS107: AbC

This week features some of my favourite tunes from (marked with * in the playlist below) who thankfully came the rescue when all other mp3 outlets were failing to deliver yet again this week (although it's always kinda slow in January). Congratulations and thanks to the AbC crew and I can definately recommend you have a browse around their groovy new site. Mixed and broadcast live on Bassdrive - 13 January 2008. Sabre - Lady Fortune - Bassbin * Breakage - Blue Mountain - Critical ICR - Want My Love - Strictly Digital Beta 2 - Trojan - Bassbin * Bachelors of Science - New Horizons - Unsigned Calibre - Acrobat - Signature * Commix - Japanese Electronics - Metalheadz Lenzman - Close To Me - Future Retro Subwave - Moscow Lights - Critical D-Bridge - Pipe Dreams - Bingo Beats Cybass - Just Try - DOA D-Bridge - Freedom Club - Exit *